Workshop Descriptions



Fabulous Broomstick Lace

This workshop looks at Broomstick Lace in a new light. Participants will learn the history and technique of classic broomstick lace in contemporary applications and designs We will use a variety of tools and stitch combinations for surprising and unusual effects. This easy technique lends itself to any size yarn and many favorite patterns.

Tools provided, basic crochet experience required.

Crochet Design Secrets

This workshop solves the mystery of creating a perfect project by covering the following topics: Basic adaptation of other patterns, designing your own pattern, side to side vertical designs, easy sleeves that fit, designing in the Round, the all important finishing details, to block or not to block and how?, Personal touches for a perfect finish.

Basic crochet experience required.

The Finishing Touches

In this workshop participants will explore those exquisite designer details that express individual style. We will experiment with variations on fringes, tassels, pom-poms, crochet Chanel and twisted trims, as well as border shells and Roman Circles, flowers and covered buttons. There are no limits to the possibilities!

Basic crochet experience required.

Let’s Start to Crochet

In this workshop beginners learn how to get started with the all important tension control, foundation chains, single, half-double and double crochet. We explore starter projects as well as some stress-free secrets to the right tools and yarns to start the inspiration process and keep it fun! Tools provided or bring light-colored, non-varigated acrylic yarn and H hook.

For beginners or as a refresher.

Continental Knitting

This workshop explores the continental knitting style, which is considered a faster way of knitting by many who have tried it. It is especially easy for people who crochet, since we use the left hand to deliver the yarn. We cover short tail cast on, knitting and purling continental style, as well as several cast-off options.

Beginner level or conversion

Classic Hairpin Lace

In this workshop participants learn the history, technique and combinations of classic hairpin lace in contemporary applications. We use single strips to scarves and experiment with variations on how to connect multiple strips into fashion statements.

Tools provided or bring your own.

Basic crochet experience required

Easy Tunisian Crochet and Lace

This workshop offers the history, technique and several variations of classic Tunisian crochet, as well as the secrets to creating Tunisian Lace. We explore possibilities on how to use this heritage technique in fashionable contemporary applications.

Hooks provided or bring M,N or larger hook. Light colored mohair works well.

Basic crochet experience required.

Crochet for Knitters

This workshop is designed for knitters who would like to incorporate some variations into your projects. It provides a look at how to use crochet techniques within a knitted project, as a border, or as trim. Participants will learn how to combine knitting and heritage Crochet techniques, such as Broomstick, Hairpin and Tunisian Lace, in a knitted project and how to use those techniques as borders and trim for the finishing touch.

Tools provided, but bring any knitting needles or tools mentioned, if you like.

Basic knitting experience required, basic crochet helpful.

Heirloom Crochet Thread Lace

In this workshop crocheters experienced in working with yarn will be introduced to working with #10 or smaller bedspread cotton or spun thread. We will practice the use of small metal hooks for tight projects and large hooks for a lacy appeal. We will look at how to use a regular pattern to create a lace project, learn about Filet crochet, Brugge Lace and practice Irish Lace and bullions.

Some supplies provided, bring bedspread cotton or any fine thread you would like to experiment with. We will use steel hooks of assorted sizes and L, M and Q hooks.


Crochet Miniatures

This workshop is for crocheters who are comfortable working with thread and would like to create miniatures from #10 or smaller bedspread cotton to use in doll houses and other fun projects. We learn about proportions and use favorite stitches and techniques, scaling them down to create small treasures.

Some supplies are provided, you may bring #10 or smaller cotton and any steel hooks you might have.

Heritage Crochet Techniques in Contemporary Application

In this workshop we will look at the history and application of crochet heritage techniques, such as Broomstick Lace, Hairpin Lace, Tunisian Crochet, Aran cables, Thread Lace, like Filet Crochet, Irish Crochet, bullions and picots.We will try our hand at any or all of these. Some tools are provided to share or bring your own hairpin looms and size 50 and 35 knitting needles. Yarn and thread is available to share, but bring your own stash and hooks as well as a notebook.

This workshop is designed for experienced crocheters .

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