Heirloom Restorations

Working with thread is my passion and a technique not often seen any more. Many heirloom pieces are still appreciated as reminders from the past and they are sometimes in need of repair. I am familiar with the patterns and techniques of old and, providing I can match the thread or yarn to the original piece, can stitch a seamless and invisible repair or create a missing piece to match an original design.

Below you can see before and after pictures of some of the estate pieces I repaired.

If you have an heirloom treasure that is in need of restoration, please contact me at ritadeheirloomtreasures@gmail.com Please furnish pictures and a detailed description of your desired restoration for an estimate. Also, please include a phone number where you can be reached.

Karen Harmon

The bedspread arrived back Monday safe and much sounder than before. The work you did is exemplary. The spread looks like new for the first time since It has been mine. And I no longer will I feel worried when I make up the bed as there will be no great hole to tear further!

Great-Aunt Stella would be pleased, I’m certain.

In the spring of 2017 I received a package from New Mexico containing two curtain panels that had experienced a severe canine attack.

The owner, James Jerrems,  wanted to have these restored to their original condition. His mother Helen had crocheted the curtains for their home in the 1920’s.

I was able to restore the damage and make 2 of 3 curtains usable and beautiful again.


From the Estate of James Jererms of Ilfeld N.M.

Another package from New Mexico contained a table cover made by Alana Dreitzer’s grandmother, Noe, in the 1930’s while living in Illinois. 

I was able to replace the spider web sections and restore the cloth to it’s original beauty.


From the Estate of Alana Dreitzer of New Mexico

In the spring of 2016 a beautiful, early twenties century bedspread found its way to me, thanks to the recommendation of one of the local yarn shops. This is a Popcorn Star pattern, possibly of Texas origin; they are very fond of stars and I seem to remember seeing similar star patterns when I lived in Waco a long time ago.

This bedspread is from the estate of Gladys W. Kieger of Winston Salem, restored for her daughter Martha Kieger of Asheville, NC.

Column 1

Column 2


Mid-nineteenth century spreads from the estate of Kathy Anderson, Knoxville, TN.

In early 2016 I restored a beautiful lot of 4 matching full size spreads that needed some mending in the upper areas of where someone’s head or pillows rubbed the material for many years.

The most outstanding piece in this restoration job was a queen spread that had been cut into 6 large sections in order to use the “good ones” as doilies. I repaired the individual sections and then put the puzzle piece back together into the spread as it was meant to be.

The owner, Kathy Anderson, was extremely pleased to get her treasures back in good condition and now proudly displays all 5 pieces in her home.

I finally got my bedspread onto my bed. It is my summer spread you see. Anyway, it looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

I am so happy with the final outcome!

Leslie Belcher

The bedspread arrived this afternoon, and I am DELIGHTED with the results! Both my wife and I don’t know how you repaired it so perfectly! That’s skill for you! Again, thanks for spending so much time on it and for doing such a good job

Richard Geisler

From the estate of Kathy Belizzio restored for Lydia Svites.

In September of 2015 I finished several projects, including the restoration of a hand-knotted tablecloth with linen inserts. The stitches on the three-dimensional lace design are done with a sharp sewing needle, much like a buttonhole stitch. The linen center had several small holes which I covered with leaves and blossoms, copying the designs in the lace section. This technique was originally done in Eastern Europe and the cloth will be passed down to a lucky granddaughter.



Pineapple Stars and Squares Before and After

​Here is the result of hours of restoration on this 120 year old Pineapple Stars table cover. From the estate of Hannah Custer (1879 to 1952) of West Conshohocken, PA, lovingly preserved by her daughter, Lynn Bumgarner of Asheville, NC.


More Pineapple Stars Success

Here is one restored pineapple star along the border of the Pineapple Stars and Squares table cloth.​ From the estate of Hannah Custer (1879 to 1952) of West Conshohoken, PA

Shell Restoration

This piece is from the estate of Ida Brenner-Deeg of St. Paul, MN. I restored part of the fabric and some missing shells. Early ninteen hundreds

Pineapple Restoration

This magnificent large table cover is from the Brenner-Deeg estate as well. The center of one pineapple was completely distroyed and I merged some of my antique thread with the existing ends to keep as much of the old thread as possible. It is now stabilized and hardly noticable.​

I have received my bedspread and it looks absolutely beautiful!! You are amazing! Thank you so much, I feel blessed to have found you.

Martha Muzurak

Just delivered. Beautiful work. Blends in perfectly. Thanks so much!!

Karen Clemmons

Irish Imports

I purchased this piece at an estate sale and completed the unusual rope shells around the border. The thread is a soft but dull cotton and there are hundreds of stitches in each unusual shell.​

Edge Restoration

This delicate linen hanky was carried by Bertha Hoon at her wedding in 1903. I was able to restore the outermost rows of this piece so her great – granddaughter could carry it as “something old” to her wedding.

Collar Restoration

This pretty collar belonged to Ida Benner-Deeg of St. Paul, MN It was restored as part of her estate.

More Irish Beauties

​This Irish linen hanky is part of the estate of Bertha Hoon of Madison, WI and needed only a little stabilization to be put to use again.