October 2018 Musings

In September hurricane Florence rolled over the Carolina coast with wet fury, the mountains were spared any ugly weather. Unfortunately, we missed out on our annual Heritage Weekend due to the Park Service closing the Blue Ridge Parkway as a safety precaution. No problems in the Asheville area, some flooding in low lying areas, nothing like our friends in Eastern North Carolina. Thanks to all who checked on our welfare!

Family reunion was fun, we all slow down a bit with each passing year but appreciate our time together, just hanging out. Fighting traffic on the highway seems to be the worst part of the journey, but quickly forgotten once we arrive at our destination.

Missing Heritage Weekend caused me to just put my tools and totes in a corner of the garage, now I will be ready to enjoy my upcoming demo at the Folk Art Center. Come by October 4th. through 7th. and see lots of new creations for fall, lace demonstrations and a close look at Solomon’s Knot.

The following weekend will find me at the Southern Highland Craft Fair Fall Show at the Cellular Center in Asheville, just volunteering this time. In the mornings I love to greet people at the door and hand out programs. Standing for long periods of time is no problem for me, as long as I see smiling faces pour into the building! This year you can get your tickets online, no more long lines in front of the ticket booth!

After allowing some time for hellos and hugs with my fellow artists who have booths at the event, I will be at the Educational Outreach table downstairs in the arena. Sometimes I work lunch relief, whatever is needed. It is so exciting to greet visitors from all over the world, as well as our local customers. I love being at the Fair! Get details and ticket information,

The end of October is time for SAFF (the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) at the AG Center in Asheville; I will be teaching 4 workshops. Please see Registration Detail Page for more information and a link to SAFF Registration. If you cannot attend, be sure to check out my beginner and advanced online video workshops at Udemy Online.

Enjoy your fall and let’s start thinking ahead to our holiday and winter projects!

“I do what I love and I love what I do”