November Musings 2019

Crochet thread lace heirloom restoration
Early 1940 tablecloth (more info at end of this article)

As you read this, my 2 sisters and their husbands will have arrived for our annual family reunion. We switch locations every year and this year my home South of Asheville is our destination for fun. Last year we met in Dayton, Ohio and the year before in Milford, PA. We usually spend the first day making plans for our assorted outings and since we have done this for decades, it is always a challenge to find some new adventures in addition to our usual favorite places, such as the Biltmore Estate, the Wineries around here and the Outlet Mall. The most important thing is the time we spend together and we love late fireside chats to catch up on all the news.

There is no better way to kick off our Thanksgiving! Sadly they have to return home on November 5 and after a short rest with lots of leftovers to enjoy, I am getting ready for my next demo session at the Folk Art Center on November 21 through 24. This will kick off my holiday season and brings out my fall and winter collection with new hats, cowls, fingerless gloves and boot cuffs. I also have a new collection of headbands that are wide enough to keep your ears warm.

Currently, I am working on covering large clear glass ornaments with Victorian thread lace designs. These are collector’s items and come in many different colors and designs. I love working with the small #20 and #30 cotton thread and a tiny #11 or smaller steel hook (#14 is the smallest). The most important tool to make this work possible is my Ott light behind my comfy seat.

I much enjoyed my SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) Workshops this last month and had several talented ladies in my Thread Lace workshop. They were full of ideas on how to use their talents to create new designs for their holiday gift-giving. Some have dollhouses and enjoy using the small thread to create bedspreads, rugs and curtains for their tiny homes; but the all-time favorite, as usual, is Irish Crochet. All the workshops were lots of fun and I love to see my regular students taking different classes every year. This was my 10th. year of teaching at SAFF. The AG Center, where it is held every year, is just around the corner from my home, so it makes set-up and travel very easy.

Just before SAFF, I restored an early 1940 tablecloth from an old Coats and Clark pattern. It is round and features a circle of pineapples. After posting my Before and After pictures on Facebook, several of my fiber friends commented on the pattern and even sent pictures of their own versions. How nice to see those heirlooms appreciated. Why not bring out a treasured tablecloth or doily for your Thanksgiving table!

Give thanks this month; I appreciate all of you!


“I do what I love and I love what I do.”