Musings January 2020

Heirloom Treasures Crochet
Bows for Heirloom Treasures Crochet Christmas Display

Happy New Year!

By the time you read this, a new year and another decade have begun. Let’s make it the best time ever!

The first half of December kept me busy with the usual sales and demos at the Folk Art Center. The big Holiday Sale on the 7th. was a blast as usual and the following week I had a lovely time decorating my demo space with brand-new, giant silver and white bows. My friend Jamie had organized a bow making workshop the week before for all the ladies in my neighborhood. After we completed our bow lessons, he made 2 extra large ones for me to use in my booth. We had a great afternoon at his house, which also involved wine, chocolate and cookies.

After that last demo weekend of the year we took a well-deserved break at our favorite resort in Cherokee. I even napped in the afternoons for the first time in forever! We returned home well rested and just in time for a neighborhood holiday party filled with lots of food, drink and a fun game of Pictionary. After just a couple more days at home we departed again; this time heading South to SC to see Dave’s family.

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas cantata, presented by his daughter and her band at their church, where she is the Director of Music. After our celebration together, they took off to Atlanta to see the other half of the family. We were happily pet-sitting one pit bull and 3 cats for a couple of days. The weather was unseasonably warm, we took long walks on Lake Wiley in shirt sleeves! We also enjoyed our favorite Chinese, Mexican and Pub food and binge watched Netflix.

The best and most enjoyable movies were The Irishman, The 2 Popes and Steven King’s 1922. Cinema seating and Christmas cookies added to the special treat.

We returned in time to start the new year at home with pork ribs, caraway sauerkraut, potato pancakes and applesauce – the German version of a Good Luck for the new Year dinner.

I am planning on a restful January, there is only one restoration waiting for me and a summons for jury duty the end of the month. I won’t know if I am going until I call the night before. Haven’t been on a jury for decades and wouldn’t mind the experience in the current legal system.

Here is wishing you a very happy 2020 and a healthy and successful new decade.

My best to you, as always!

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”