May Musings

Spring really came in strong during the month of April and brought us camelias, forsythias and azaleas. The weather varied from freezing all the way to record heat at the end of the month.

We were vaccinated during the early part of April and started enjoying many simple pleasures again like eating in restaurants. It feels good to find the “new normal”.

April had a strong emphasis on restoration for me. I started with a curry-colored woven blanket that originally came from South Africa. I was able to match the mohair of the original fiber and hand wove all the weakened and open areas, probably caused by moth damage over the years. It restored beautifully and made the customer happy because it represented precious memories from a long-ago trip to Africa.

The middle of the month brought a huge box from an estate in New Jersey. There were three queen size bedspreads and one large table cover that needed lots of attention. I am still working on the last of the spreads and hope to finish by early May. This was the largest restoration order for me so far and it kept me busy for an entire month.

May 22 through 25 was my first demo at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway in over a year. It felt good to be back with old friends, other artists, and excited visitors. We were still wearing masks but enjoyed the opportunity to be together. All of my customers and visitors were local or from within the United States. It was very noticeable that our usual international visitors were absent since the borders are still closed due to Covid.

I premiered my 2 Quarter Turn lace canvasses, and they were well received. I love the opportunity to explain the origin and meaning of my lace pieces to our visitors and the fact that they can get a new look by simply giving the piece a quarter turn. Talking to many people is also a wonderful opportunity to build my mailing list and promote my books and videos. There is always an upswing in orders after my time at the Folk Art Center; however, my most important job remains the educational aspect of demonstrating my heritage lace techniques.

May will start off by completing the last of the 3 bedspreads of the NJ estate, after which we are taking a little, well-deserved fun trip. I am not even taking hooks and yarn along, just a paperback book!

Sometime later this month I will create another Quarter Turn canvas (#3) for a Black and White exhibition in early summer. I have a basket full of lace pieces and designs, from broomstick strips to Irish Roses; all in pure white and ready to grace another black canvas.

We are also in the process of completing another teaching video for “The Finishing Touches”, a comprehensive Guide to embellishing your Crochet Designs, will be available by next month.

Many exciting happenings are coming up in May and I am ready to get back into the swing of things. I hope all you fiber friends are vaccinated by now, so we can all enjoy the new normal, meet with friends and family and get back out there.

Be well and have fun!

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”