May 2020 Musings

I love crochet pillowWelcome to the second month of our Stay At Home self-isolation exercise. We take occasional drives in the country and enjoy a picnic with Mother Nature when we get too antsy indoors and around home. This enjoyable habit of ours has its drawbacks these days, no public or restaurant bathrooms! The peaceful ghost town effect is welcome but we have joked about pulling a porta-potty behind us if the restrictions continue for a while! I found fresh coffee at a “take-out only” place in Chimney Rock and we were able to use the bathroom at a local biker motel, promising a return visit! It must be a very low crime area since the courthouse and police station were closed. Thanks to our new biker friends there was no need to dial 911.

Like many of our friends, we have been binge-watching some of our favorite programs as well as lots of news. Since newscasters are now often broadcasting from home, I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s bookshelves in the background. The titles reflect their interests and professions of course, and as a ferocious reader myself I am taking more time to appreciate my 15’ floor to ceiling home library. It is organized into several sections: old German cook and baking books from my grandmother, a collection of cookbooks from all over the world, natural healing and medical books, spiritual and religious texts, non-fiction with as large crochet, knitting and fiber arts section and the most fluid, my favorite fictional authors for late-night reading. I carry a little notebook in my purse with all the titles already on my shelves to avoid duplication. Often I need to create more room and we donate to the little neighborhood libraries that have popped up all over since last year. What a wonderful idea to make reading fun!

Like many of our friends and neighbors I have been cooking, baking and eating too much over the last few months, but we do share! The very old idea of making Amish Friendship Bread has taken hold in our neighborhood, it’s like an eatable chain letter! I remember baking this decades ago in Florida with dried fruit and nuts. The current trend is just brown sugar and cinnamon or ground nuts. With so many starters, the possibilities are endless! Check online for the starter and bread recipes and enjoy the smells and taste! And it’s a delicious treat to pass on.

As usual, my fingers have been nimble this past month, I had several skeins of a beautiful Noro silk blend in natural shades and created two over the head, low on the shoulder wraps, incorporating many thread lace techniques as well as a broomstick and hairpin lace. They are being blocked at this very moment and will debut soon. I have a tablecloth and a bedspread coming in for restoration, so there is no lack of fun things to do.

If you feel like a good read, please take the time to check out Knit versus Crochet by Jamie and offered by Brittany at Ideal Me Crochet. Click here for the article: 

Regardless of which you prefer, the benefits of working with needles and hooks are proven stress-busters, so pick your favorite tools and create a masterpiece! The information in the article will surely inspire you.

Some states are lifting restrictions now and opening some businesses. I certainly need a haircut, but will not be socializing without a mask for quite a while. Wherever you are, make the best of your days, enjoy the beauty of spring, be creative, be safe and stay well!

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”