March 2020 Musings

After three very different restoration jobs in January I really want to share this beautiful Texas Windmill bedspread with you. I restored several of the medallion centers and broken connectors and it is now back to its original condition.  The spread is from the estate of Gail Cargile in Texas and was returned home in early February.

There was one request I could not fill this past month; customers in Georgia were looking for an authentic Early American canopy for a poster bed. After much research and design planning I felt that even a thin #30 bedspread cotton would be too heavy over time to keep its shape on a wood frame and hard to keep in place. The size requirements alone would make it larger than a king size spread  and neither this designer nor the customer would be happy with the outcome, not to mention the time and material investment.

February seemed very short and passed quickly; the beginning of the month was warm and pleasant and we spent a great deal of time outside. I even harvested my first camellia blossoms of the year! By mid-month winter was back and Valentine’s Day enjoyable by the fireplace.

March promises the onset of spring, although much of the country is still in the grip of winter. I can’t wait to “spring forward” and for warmer weather to arrive. If you spend much time indoors because of weather or health concerns, be sure to have some creative projects in the works. There are thousands of good patterns for every skill level online and you can always take one or more of my workshops on to “kick it up a notch”! I do not use patterns but teach you techniques, combinations and design, so you can achieve pattern independence.

If you are an intermediate crocheter and prefer to learn from a book, you will like my “Heritage Crochet In A New Light” – Enriching your Designs with Heirloom Lace Techniques. There are hundreds of images of my creations and collections in the book for your inspiration. See the link on this home page. It is available at

Whatever your project for March will be, think Green or even venture into learning Irish Crochet and Lace, which is extensively covered in this book. Practice your thread lace skills with bedspread cotton and a small metal hook. With a little practice you will soon be able to create some of the floral designs that distinguish Irish Lace. It has an interesting history and is worth your time, if you want to master a beautiful new skill with lots of meaning. I spent several summers in Ireland as an exchange student long ago and never lost my love for that special place and the lace heritage it represents.

I just received my demo schedule for 2020 at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway and posted those demo dates and special Guild events on the Events page on this site. I am sure there will be additions as the year progresses, but I am off to a good start!

For now I want to wish you great new ideas, fiber inspirations and a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“I do what I love and I love what I do”.