January Musings 2021

Here is wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2021! May it be much improved over this last year, which ended on a very sad note for me. My Ohio sister died a couple of days ago due to complications from Covid 19. She and my brother-in-law had been to several doctors offices the middle of December and both contracted the virus. They spent several days in the hospital; he came home, she was put into ICU due to her underlying conditions. After one day on a ventilator, she passed away on December 29th. We will miss Pam very much.

In early December I was happily decorating every corner of the house and even baked cookies and German Stollen. I also worked on replacing the items I left at the baby corner at the Folk Art Center in November. I made new Baby Bottom Bundles, Victorian playballs, rattles, baby caps in different sizes and lacy headbands. I also treated myself to a new black cap and matching fingerless gloves.

Another fun project was helping my 90 year old neighbor to complete a baby afghan for a very special grandbaby. Many years ago she, her sister and I used to sit and crochet together. She was very good at making afghans for all the grandchildren, but always needed a little help with the borders. After she moved in with her daughter, she stopped  crocheting due to arthritis and pain in her fingers. So for this great-grandbaby, with a little encouragement from her daughter and me, she completed several single crochet striped blocks in different baby colors. I connected them and created a border featuring the colors she used, which framed the piece and made it a bit larger as well. I blocked it into a perfect rectangle and finished it off with a pink shell border.

I added some booties and a headband with a rose floral trim in newborn size to complete the ensemble. When the booties are outgrown, they can be used as Christmas ornaments many years from now. The blanket will be a special keepsake from a loving and excited great-grandmother for the new great-grand baby. She will be born in  February, something to look forward to.  So while we grieve the loss of a loved one, we anticipate the birth of this special princess.

I wish you all a much-improved new year, returning health and harmony and some resemblance of normalcy.

Happy 2021!

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”