February 2020 Musings

Crochet Bedspread restoredHappy St. Valentine’s month! It’s all about love and sweethearts this month and I am all for it. But let’s remember that a very important part of love is self-care. Sometimes that’s hard to do; we are conditioned to put our family’s needs first and to think of ourselves last. However, please remember that your cup needs to be full to run over!

One way to keep that cup filled is to indulge in our favorite fiber arts projects. Much has been written about the therapeutic benefits of crafting and fiber work. One informative article is on 1 MD this month, check it here:

I am also grateful to Vanna White for promoting Crochet as her favorite pastime in several publications and on YouTube. I certainly agree with her! My Udemy online courses are proof of the growing popularity of crochet, I have almost 1,000 students all over the world. Be sure to check out my workshops as a gift to yourself or a loved one, go to Udemy.com and search under my name: Rita de Maintenon, there are 3 crochet and one continental knitting workshops for you to choose from.

3 different restoration jobs kept me busy during January, one was a beautiful bedspread from an estate in Colorado. The owner of the spread asked me for a suggestion on how to clean it once I reinforced several connectors and restored dozens of tiny clusters. I always caution against washing large bedspread cotton items, because the weight of a large wet piece really stresses the fibers and often causes them to break. I recommend finding a good dry cleaner who specializes in wedding gowns and lace and request they use new cleaning fluid. This is a safe way to clean large, vintage pieces. Just be sure to tend to any spots as they happen, they can be spot cleaned with Oxy Clean or even lemon juice. If you fold your spreads or tablecloths, be sure to change your fold pattern occasionally to avoid creases setting in. Even better, do display and enjoy your treasures!

My Event Page for 2020 still looks pretty bleak but that will change soon as my demo dates and special events for this year will fill my calendar. I love to plan for my regular demo dates at the Folk Art Center and our special events. So stand by for updates in the planning department and check back to this website often.

Have a month full of love for the people close to your heart and be sure to take time to be good to yourself!

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”