The new year started off with record cold and icy roads with short reprieves of sunny days, which lured my crocus and narcissus bulbs into popping up through the snow. I love the quiet days indoors close to the fireplace. A large king-size bedspread restoration kept me busy all month.

Many of the beautiful vintage pieces I work on suffer from weak and broken areas that connect large diamonds, squares or rosettes, which are the focal point of the overall design. The weight of a large piece will stress and break those weaker connectors over time and often the bulk of my work means re-connecting the individual designs.

Over time, cleaning these antique pieces also puts stress on the weaker areas, like chaining from one medallion to another. Putting large spreads into water increases the weight and puts stress on the weaker or less stable areas. For that reason, I recommend an experienced dry cleaner to prevent damage to those areas. Of course, you want to discuss your concerns with the dry cleaner first and pick a business you can trust.

We had a few sunny and mild days the middle of the month and enjoyed some family time at the Biltmore Estate. Also, a visit to the Fun Depot with the granddaughters and game night with junk food! They loved the Biltmore Estate and couldn’t stop talking about it. We are annual passholders and enjoy the Estate all year round. It is a wonderful day trip and vacation for the senses, as well as constant inspiration for my creations.

Last week I enjoyed picking several of my thread lace pieces for a new Focus Gallery exhibition at the Folk Art Center February 9 to May 7, 2019. This exhibit is called “Hand over Matter” and features 2 clay artists, a paper maker and a contemporary quilter in addition to my lace work.

I picked my broomstick mesh Christening gown, a Victorian baby jacket as well as 2 Irish lace bridal wraps to be featured in the exhibition. These pieces are all made of white mercerized cotton thread and should make a perfect presentation, a lovely contrast to some colorful back drops.

February is also dreaded tax time and I will need to gather the needed paperwork to get that job done. As a rule, I keep good records on Excel during the year, which makes it easier to report to my CPA. As a reward for getting that job done, I usually treat myself to a pedicure or a fun day trip to a new destination.

We will take some time in the middle of the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Let’s see what adventure we can find!

Treat yourself to something special during this rough winter and enjoy the month of St. Valentine. Much love to all of you fiber friends!

“I do what I love and I love what I do”