December 2019 Musings

The Gift of Crochet Under the TreeMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

No matter where or how you celebrate, I wish you the most wonderful and joyous holiday possible, without too much stress and outside pressure to spend, perform, please or compete. Give yourself the true gift of spending the holidays the way you like, without the pressure of commercialism. Many of you practice the time-honored- tradition of giving hand-made gifts, which are a true present from your heart. There is still time to create that perfect present for someone special or yourself!

November was a very busy but exciting month, the first week we enjoyed several days with my 2 sisters and their spouses, doing what we do best; a little shopping and a lot of catching up around the fireplace. We enjoyed our customary trip to the Biltmore Estate with stops at Antler Village gift shops and the winery. My friend Kathy treated all of us to a delicious early Thanksgiving dinner together, since we were in different corners of the world on the “real” Thanksgiving Day.

I spent 4 great days demonstrating at the Folk Art Center the middle of the month and just 2 days ago we were back at my friend’s house for the real Thanksgiving dinner with several friends and her extended family. The day after started the common tradition of removing all traces of fall décor and getting the perfect tree. Ours is the usual 7 foot Fazer fir. It is still relaxing in the garage in a bucket of water while I decorate the rest of the house, each room has its special touches. Keeping all my Christmas treasures in marked, bright red plastic totes really helps the process and it is easy to bring 7 of them from the garage to the kitchen. My tree ornaments are another story, I have over 500 of them in my grandfather’s old trunk, the way they came from the old country. Today the tree will be brought in with big fanfare and settled into its regular spot. I will spend the rest of today to string over 1,000 lights and use most of my ornaments to decorate the tree. Some lovely seasonal music keeps me on track. By tonight the house will be ready for a quiet and peaceful Christmas holiday. But first, are two more Guild events.

All the decorating and seasonal music puts me in the mood for our big Annual Holiday Guild Sale at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway this coming Saturday, December 7, when over 30 of our Guild artists join me in the auditorium to offer handmade gifts at discounted prices. A great way to buy local and support local arts and crafts. So, if you don’t have time to make your gifts, here are many made from the heart.

My last demo session for this year will be December 12th. to 15th. I have my updated winter collection with festive wraps, scarves, fingerless gloves, hats, boot cuffs and my ever-popular Victorian ornaments. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this year, we were iced out last year. In the second part of the month, I am free to enjoy the holidays at home and seeing more friends and family. Mostly I am looking forward to some quiet time by the tree.

Of course, there is still time to crochet some perfect gifts for loved ones and maybe one for myself. A new alpaca mohair cowl in my favorite color blend sounds just perfect!

Here is wishing you, my fiber friends, the very best for the holidays and may all your wishes come true!


“I do what I love and I love what I do.”