Heirloom Ladies

Heirloom Ladies’ creations evolved from the many possibilities to combine several techniques in a single piece as well as a chance to tell a story as ‘wearable art’.

Irish roses are featured in different pieces, such as the Emerald Lady and the colorful Irish Field of Flowers. Hairpins and broomsticks, together with beads, lend their versatility in Maltese Meditation. Elegant tassels finish this creation.

In my Geometric Collection you can find variations of the Granny Square in contemporary application and shades of nature. The squares range from very small in the Eve in Paradise, to quite large in the Summer Garden Topper.

Beautiful shades of Persian embroidery wool strands evolved into the contemporary Rainbow Vest. I often create scarves in heritage techniques to make a variety of smaller pieces available. They can serve as jewelry and conversation pieces.