April Musings 2020

Rita’s Famous Easter Egg/Baby Rattles!

This month is starting somewhat different from what we expected in anticipation of Easter! Due to the Covid-19 virus we are under a Stay at Home order in NC. I feel blessed to be able to continue my creative work and especially my restoration business while practicing social distancing. Business-related trips, such as return shipping at the post office are permitted. Currently, I combine all necessary outings in one day, getting groceries and running necessary errands. Haircuts and dentist visits have been postponed and it’s a good thing that David and I  are used to working and being together at home.

Our gym is closed for now, but we use our weights at home and take a brisk walk around the block, which also keeps us in touch with our neighbors. I love the slower pace and get plenty of rest while it’s alright to loaf around the house!

My daily visit to Facebook not only keeps me in touch with friends and family but also fills the need for comic relief, especially about the popular topic of a toilet paper shortage. I love a good laugh to start off my day, I highly recommend it before watching the statistics on the news.

This last month I restored a beautiful medallion tablecloth from an estate in Las Vegas and completed a dozen colorful baby rattles using plastic Easter eggs and embroidery floss. They sell well when I demonstrate lace making and I was completely sold out of my last batch well before Christmas. Since plastic eggs are plentiful before Easter, it was a perfect opportunity to replenish the rattles.

All special events at the Folk Art Center and the Craft Schools are canceled for now, but there is hope for us artists to be able to return by early summer and greet visitors as well as get back to teaching again.

Meanwhile, I trust that all of you, my fiber friends have plenty of projects to keep you busy and sane if you too have to stay home through this month. Be sure to check my Udemy workshops, as well as my books for inspiration. E-mail me with any problems or questions you might have. Have your yarn or thread delivered to your house and check patterns and ideas on the internet.

Enjoy your Easter holiday, have lots of dark chocolate, it boosts the immune system, and love whoever you are with. Be silly and enjoy each other.

Stay well, take this time to practice self-care, do whatever lifts your spirits, this too shall pass.

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”