April Musings


Happy Easter and happy spring to all!

We have reason to celebrate because we are now vaccinated and are looking forward to being able to visit with friends and family. I am also excited about my teaching and demo opportunities at the Folk Art Center, JC Campbell Folk School, and Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. Check out my Events page for my busy 2021 schedule.

Have you noticed the new look on my website? We have updated this site, which is always an adventure and so frustrating for me because there are so many rules in the set-up of the categories and technical challenges, which are hard to master and obey for free-wheeling artists like me. Thanks to Dave, who remains patient and kind when I get flustered because website creation rules are impossible for me to understand. “Why can’t we do this or that………..” was the most asked question around here last month and I am grateful for his never-ending knowledge and patience.  We will continue to tweak this site, so check back often.

Our next project is the completion of my new Udemy course, The Finishing Touches. It has been in the works for quite some time as well and we hope to get it published within the next month or so. The pandemic gave us a chance to work together on several projects. Getting the website updated and the video published are two big jobs done and yes – I will be ready for yet another project for Dave.

I have finally gathered all the information and images for the next adventure, which is the Heirloom Treasures Boutique. I was able to create all the images and needed text on Word Press because once I mastered the basics, I was able to complete the hunting and gathering process. It will be ready for Dave to create the site once we find the perfect theme. It is important to me that both sites have a uniform traditional look of vintage quality and a touch of heritage artistry to convey the message on my logo: Preserving the Past and Moving it Forward. Not an easy task with mostly contemporary and futuristic templets (themes). I know we will find the right one and make it work for me. I lack basic talent when it comes to technology; I still use my flip phone and do not text. I did master the art of entering my password to retrieve messages. For me, e-mail is always the best way to stay in touch with everyone.

Besides all the technical challenges I restored a vintage bedspread made of crochet medallions connected by spider-like chains. As usual, the chain connectors carry the heavyweight of the medallions and the weight causes them to break. All spider sections were reinforced, and the spread is back in service.

I also restored a café’ curtain panel for a regular customer, whose smaller curtain panels were restored several years ago. This large panel was in tatters and it took me well over 40 hours to put the puzzle pieces back together again. The large café’ panel is now ready to join the smaller window panels at my customer’s home in New Mexico. I just love to restore those special heirlooms!

The start of spring brought gifts from my small garden, camellias, narcissus, and paperwhites make lovely little bouquets. My new lily bulbs are coming up and the old stand-by pansies look very happy with the abundance of rain these last 2 weeks. March came in like a lion, kept on a roaring, and is going out like a wet lion as well.

Enjoy your holidays and the arrival of spring!

“I do what I love and I love what I do”