with Rita de Maintenon
Thursday October 25th
and Sunday the 28th, 2018

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The event is located at the WNC Agricultural Center, in Fletcher, NC, across Hwy 280 from the Asheville Regional Airport. (Exit 40 off I-26).


Rita has a little Lamb not to crochet but to cuddle
  • Heirloom Treasures Fiber Arts
  • Member Southern Highland Guild
  • Blue Ridge National Heritage Artist
  • Craft Yarn Council Certified Instructor

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by old German and European patterns, stitches and techniques learned from a very demanding and precise German grandmother and I design and create from the memory of these inspirations. I produce heirloom lace crocheted wearable art in a wide range of materials but prefer natural fibers such as cotton, silk, angora, bamboo, mohair etc. I practice classic European broomstick and hairpin techniques, Irish crochet and vintage German thread patterns and love to combine these techniques in my own designs. As an artist , writer, and teacher my primary goal is to preserve the heritage of crocheted lace  and move it into the future. 

Artist Bio

Rita is a retired educator with over 40 years of classroom experience.

Growing up in Europe, she studied and trained all aspects of fiber work and has taught Heritage fiber classes and workshops for UNCA, the Center for Creative Retirement, the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in TN, fiber weekend retreats and local classes. Rita is a certified Craft Yarn Council Crochet Instructor and has many video classes featured at In addition to teaching, Rita loves restoration work on antique pieces and is well known for her designer creations, especially Christening gowns.

She regularly demonstrates at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, with highlight events of Fiber Day and Heritage Weekend. Rita has been the educational demonstrator at the Southern Highland Guild Craft Fairs in the Asheville Cellular Center and has served on the Guild's Educational Committee.

Her first book, "Heritage Crochet in a new Light" was published in July 2017. Her second book, Crochet for Knitters: The Marriage of Hook and Needles" was published in October 2017. Both are available on Amazon.

Rita is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and a Blue Ridge National Heritage Artist.

Rita is also a Craft Yarn Council certified instructor.

Wearable art for women

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Classic Hairpin Lace

10/25/2018, Thurs 9-12 AM

In this workshop participants learn the history, technique and combinations of classic hairpin lace in contemporary applications. We use single strips to create scarves and experiment with variations on how to connect multiple strips into fashion statements.

Tools provided or bring your own.

Basic crochet experience required

Fabulous Broomstick Lace

10/25/2018, Thurs 1- 4 PM

This workshop looks at Broomstick Lace in a new light. Participants will learn the history and technique of classic broomstick lace in contemporary applications and designs We will use a variety of tools and stitch combinations for surprising and unusual effects. This easy technique lends itself to any size yarn and many favorite patterns.

Tools provided, basic crochet experience required.

Continental Knitting

10/28/2018,  Sun 9-12 AM

This workshop explores the continental knitting style, which is considered a faster way of knitting by many who have tried it. It is especially easy for people who crochet, since we use the left hand to deliver the yarn. We cover short tail cast on, knitting and purling continental style, as well as several cast-off options.

Beginner level or conversion

Crochet Miniatures

10/28/2018,  Sun 1-4 PM

This workshop is for crocheters who are comfortable working with thread and would like to create miniatures from #10 or smaller bedspread cotton to use in doll houses and other fun projects. We learn about proportions and use favorite stitches and techniques, scaling them down to create small treasures.

Some supplies are provided, you may bring #10 or smaller cotton and any steel hooks you might have.

Rita received this award for her online classes on Now, she brings her skills and two decades of crochet teaching experience to you, live at SAFF. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn crochet from this award winning teacher. You can see free videos of her teaching at