June 2018 Musings

May brought us some unpredictable weather with dangerous flooding during the last several days. It reminded me of Mark Twain: “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” Many of us would have stopped the rain if we could before so much property damage and loss of life. Let’s hope for a quieter June!

May also brought two fun events: Our annual Fiber Day at the Folk Art Center is always a joyful occasion, not only for the gathered fiber artists, but also for our four-legged friends who supply wool and other fiber. I was thrilled to see my little lamb, Petunia, (who I met last year when she was just a couple of weeks old) as a grown young lamb lady, so beautiful in her brown coat.

Jehovah Farms in Haywood County brings their beautiful beasts every year to the delight of our visitors. Llamas, bunnies and sheep to be herded and shorn were ready to be petted and admired. Lots of our local spinners and a multitude of their wheels were on hand and the great wheel is usually stealing the show! My demo booth was right next to the great wheel, so I always become part of the excitement and make sure my demo project reflects the wool or cotton being spun at the time.

Members of the Embroidery Guild and bobbin lace makers entertained our visitors and a local food truck supplied delicious BBQ. It was a fun day, capped off by our annual fashion show the next day, Mother’s Day. It’s a great event for mothers and daughters to attend together and enjoy the fashions! You can find runway pictures on the Southern Highland Craft Guild Facebook page.

We had a special treat a couple of weeks ago when, after several failed attempts the last few years, we were able to join a group of nature lovers in an effort to find the elusive Blue Ghost fire flies, who spend their life cycle in the National Forest around Brevard, NC.  We had made reservations through the Cradle of Forestry and were treated to an informative introduction to the Blue Ghosts, followed by a mile-long walk on pitch-black paths, illumined only by a few flash lights, diffused by red shrink wrap. We were able to spot large groups of Blue Ghosts on either side of our path, about 10 – 12” off the ground. What a special treat!

This was one of the highlights of our month and certainly inspired me to dream up a pale blue, lacy confection, diffused by summer moonlight…………

Get inspired by nature and have a safe summer!

“I do what I love and I love what I do.”