September 2017 Musings


(From the Webmaster: Hello fiber friends. My names Dave and I am the webmaster here at Heirloom Treasures, and also, Rita's husband. I have been working on the World Wide Web for over twenty years and was streaming video even during the early dark days of dial-up. We are now going to be using a lot more video on the site, and that includes Rita's monthly Musings. So here is the first of many videos that will be available for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy them.)

August was a whirlwind of birthday celebrations and visits. I actually spent less time than usual with my yarn and hooks because of it, but managed to complete a pillow parade I had started several weeks ago. The covers are beautiful cotton prints and the tops are dainty filet crochet designs accentuated with tassels.

We enjoyed a near total eclipse right at home, celebrating with friends and neighbors. It was nice to just commute with nature and spend an afternoon outside. We were hoping for a sighting of our neighborhood bear, but she must have decided we were too noisy and stayed away, despite the lovely luncheon in the yard.

September will be equally exciting, because our usual family reunion is highlighted this year by my nephew’s wedding. Can’t wait to see everybody and spend a fun week with family.

The middle of September brings one of our big Southern Highland Guild celebrations, the annual Heritage Weekend at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville. I will be there to demonstrate, show off my pillows and other new items and I will have my new book: “Heritage Crochet in a new Light” ready to sign and sell.

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My second book: “Crochet for Knitters, a Marriage of Hook and Needles” will be available later in September. If workshops are more your style, be sure to plan your participation in the annual Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, October 26 through 29 at the AG Center in Asheville. To check out my workshops go to:

There is a link to take you to the sign-up page.

If you prefer to learn at home and in your own time, you can find several of my workshop videos on